Zodiac Parts

AAR is the preferred worldwide supplier for Zodiac parts. Safran Aerosystems, formerly Zodiac Aerospace, is a global pioneer in water and waste management systems, oxygen systems, telemetry and communication solutions and integrated cabin interiors, aircraft seats, and more.

Safran Aero Systems (Formerly Zodiac Aerospace). Cage Codes: 05593, 05617, 29780, 3FGZ1, 53655, 70167, DJ188, F0063, F0214, F0280, F0358, F0422, F0553, F1976, F5341, F6101, FA3W9, K0685. Safran Cabin (Formerly Zodiac Aerospace). Cage Codes: 1PS59, 1R9J8, 4050G, 52713, 56135, CH550. Safran Seats (Formerly Zodiac Aerospace). Cage Codes: 3K723, F0465, U3384
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